Call to Action

the reason you clicked

and how your customers do the same thing

In marketing, your Call to Action (CTA) tells your customers what they should be doing now that they are interested. This is especially relevant online because the customer can interact with the ad by clicking on it and we should be taking advantage of that. The simplest example of call to action is the “Buy Now!” button.

Give your audience a reason to click. Do you have a Unique Selling Point (USP) that you’d like to emphasize on? Use that alongside your CTA for a good hook.

Taylor around types of devices. You might want the cellphone customer to “call now” and your tablet customer to “bookmark this page”. Responsive CTAs are not only entirely possible but highly recommended.

Give your customers many options with a multitude of things to click on. Navigate them around your site within the content.

“Learn More” “Subscribe” “Donate” “Order Now”



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